Memories – When I learnt “Embarrassment”

Harsh Jalan needed a gold and I needed a silver to draw points. It happened as I expected. That year Harsh, the then school sports captain, and I shared the best athlete award. Both us knew the reason for us being the best that year - Pramod's coaching. "This year's best athlete award goes to … Continue reading Memories – When I learnt “Embarrassment”


When I was back home!

After my 1000+ days of Vanavasam in the Netherlands, I finally landed at the Bengaluru International Airport. Nothing seemed normal - People sincerely queuing, the airport security having keen eyes at every activity in the airport and all of this at 05.00 am in the morning. After an hour of looking at everyone else's as … Continue reading When I was back home!

Ideological filter – Religion

In the name of freedom and right, have taken our religion out from the prayer rooms into our public spaces, educational institutions, relationships, political systems, food, clothing and even our decision making bias. If you see Hindu problems, if you share Hindu issues, if you talk Hindu ideology, if you see the world as Hindu and non-Hindu, what are you expecting from a Muslim or a Christian?


The fear of imperfection - Atelophobia, is an epidemic our society currently faces. Cosmetic industry has sky rocketed - plump lips, "perfect" teeth, "thick" eye lashes, "sharp" features, "better" breasts, "great" abs, "sexier" ass. The way we look is defined by the calendar models. There are so many women in this world who wake up … Continue reading Atelophobia


I need to choose cups for the upcoming "Sustainability" party- Plastic cup - Please use me, I am economical and hassle-free. Paper cup - Unlike me, plastic is bad for nature and not easily degradable. Please use me. Ceramic cup - Cutting down trees to make paper is not sustainable and paper cups cannot be re-used … Continue reading Sustainability

NaMo – The theory of Everything

We have some good politicians. Take their side, not parties. Encourage these leaders. I have taken Modi as an example, given several incidents and simple questions for you to think about. I only concentrated on Modi because it has become fashionable to blame him for everything in the country.


Hinduism is not a religion. Hinduism is just a collective name given to the various Indian cultures and traditions with diverse roots. It is purely a catholic "way of life" (catholic here is an adjective). You could follow any religion, any tradition, culture, god or diet and still be Hindu. It is the most tolerant, flexible and encompassing conglomerate.


Though my viewpoint is predominantly Indian (my home) in nature, this article is global. We shall see about the lower middle class and the poor of the society and why the current system shall not work. This is not a moral quarrel but a logical approach to why inequality will not work at any cost. According to global … Continue reading PROLETARIAT v/s BOURGEOISIE