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Update 1 – Many friends suggested I add reference.  I have added a reference.

The take away from this post is simple – We have some good politicians. Take their side, not parties. Encourage these leaders. The post is not a factual debate of who is right or wrong. It is how we need to assess politicians, their work and parties. I have taken Modi as an example, given several incidents and simple questions for you to think about.  I only concentrated on Modi because it has become fashionable to blame him for everything in the country.

Please read with an unbiased, open mind. Further investigation is your responsibility.



Gujarat and the riots –


  1. What could Modi have done during the Gujarat riots? He did all of that and in time (google to find out). Even Mr. Vajpayee (the then prime minister) apologized that he sent forces very late. Why are we still holding Modi responsible? He has even asked help from the neighbouring states (they declined – please find out).
  2. It is the right thing to file a case against Modi for the riots. The Congress did it (appreciated). Now the Supreme Court decided Modi is not guilty of ANY charges. Why are we still after him with the same communal question? What do we know that the Supreme Court does not know? There have been deaths on both sides. Why are we only talking about Muslims here? Could Modi have turned into Bruce Lee and hit the roads to save every death?
  3. When the whole world (including USA and UK) was criticizing him, see the way he handled the situation. And see the way Mr. Kejriwal has handled a CBI raid. And the way the Gandhis are fighting in the parliament for family problems. Maturity talks (or rather does not).
  4. Modi was re-elected twice since the riots. Are the people of Gujarat so foolish? What do they know better than us outsiders of the state?
  5. The whole nation acknowledges the development in Gujarat (obviously the state has a long way to go, but please read about the way corruption has come down amongst other good improvements). Modi has been in power there for over 3 terms. So it has taken the state close to 2 decades for this improvement. And we want to see “Acche din” in the entire country in 2 years?

Modi as PM –

  1. How much has Modi travelled? – The number of days, the cost (remember inflation), the perception of Modi in the visiting countries. Now compare it to the other governments. Are we still accusing him of travelling? It is part of his duty. And investments don’t happen overnight. See how the countries and companies are visiting India to see potential.
  2. How can Modi be responsible if “Swachh Bharat” did not work? We also should clean up. He has only started the initiative. It is humanly impossible, for one man, to visit every road, lake and house and clean up.
  3. How can Modi be responsible if beef is banned in some area (can be municipality or district or state). And how is that affecting only Muslims? Hindus also eat beef!. It will affect everyone who likes beef. We need to fight the local governing bodies, not MODI!
  4. How can Modi stop a mob lynch? We can teach him telepathy and martial arts. It is not even in his power to order the police . The police is part of the state control.
  5. Did Modi wear a suit worth 10 lakh? Did he show the bill after purchasing the suit? How do you know how much it costs? The suit, along with 800 other gifts received were auctioned and sent to the “Ganga cleaning” fund. The suit apparently went for over 4.3 crore. It shows something about a man’s character right?
  6. He has not taken an off (holiday, either casual leave or sick leave) since he swore in. As the CM of Gujarat too, he has taken very few leaves. Touch wood he is in good health, but the fact that he has not going on vacations hints his passion towards work.
  7. How can Modi stop some recognised people from returning their awards? This is like a paradox. If he stopped them because of intolerance, then he is intolerant himself.
  8. And who said Modi would deposit 15 Lakh in each one’s account? How can we even believe such statements? Even if the government gets all the people multiplied by 15 lakh rupees, they are not allowed to transfer it to your account!
  9. And for how long are we going to keep asking Modi if Muslims can live in peace in India? Has there been any incident or any evidence showing Modi is against any religion in the country? We are ridiculous to ask these questions!

BJP or Congress is not all white –

  1. BJP is not necessarily very honest or corruption free. The party has been projecting itself clean through a decent cabinet ministry. But the lower layers too must get clean. While doing so it may reach a point that some ministers will go away because they are unhappy with their return on investments and blame Modi for that. SOME of the government officers are already searching for hideouts because they expected pampering but since last year they are forced to work like the I-T companies. This strategy might go against him but we need to encourage for things to work out.
  2. BJP also has stalled the parliament many times on several issues. So it is not new. But the problem I see is the Congress is stalling the parliament for protecting a family. Half the people in the Congress party did not even know what GST bill is and even they were protesting against the bill. (We probably need to make education and common sense tests compulsory for the ministers)
  3. Not all reforms that has happened in the current government is BJP’s efforts. Some have come from the Congress too. So credits to them. One problem I see with Modi’s policy making is, some policies will reap only long term benefits. Depending on who is in power then, they will take the credit.
  4. Special mention of RG – he is always talking about how Modi’s work has not been good.  What has RG done? He and his mother have been winning from Amethi and Raebareli for I don’t know how long. What have they done there?
  5. What has the Congress done for 60 years? Like seriously. 60 years with a young country. It took dominance of one man in China to make it the most powerful country in about 20 years. I am not for communism or for one man rule (Singapore I felt is too small for comparison). It just surprises me that 60 years was still not enough to show significant progress.

What should we do?


  1. Find out the truth. It may not have a TRP value, hence the media may not always highlight it. But there is good media still existent. The truth will be there somewhere. I usually don’t believe in the numbers shown. I try to watch interviews and un-clipped videos of the person actually telling it and based on tone and indentation, I try to make something out.
  2. I also try to ask friends – the ones who I trust. What they say, I take without doubting. And that is a problem. When we share, we need to find out the facts and truth and then share. Otherwise someone might just blindly believe you and the negative impact might spread. I have committed this mistake too (many times). I am learning.
  3. Question and criticize about rising prices, poverty, educational reforms, how we plan to become a power house and so on. Let us not imitate the media. We do not have any TRP and targets to meet right? Our only concern should be is there any good for our society.
  4. Try to look through the words. Example – Jan Lokepal bill. Just because of the name it does not mean it is good. The bill passed by the Delhi government and the one proposed by Anna are different (not completely, but at least some major differences). Why are they different? How come the Delhi government is partly responsible in electing officers into this new committee, when the bill is primarily to remove government’s involvement with the anti-corruption committee? It is just a simple political game! Now if the central questions on this, Mr. Kejri will start chanting verses of hatred against Modi (not even BJP, just MODI). Another word – Aam Aadmi party. Wow, what a name to grab attention.
  5. Don’t blindly fall for parties and dialogues.

Some sensible and good guys I know of – 

Manik Sarkar, Nagabhairava Jayaprakash Narayan, Kirit Somaiyya, V.S Achuthanandan (the founder of CPI-M and the time when Kerala really flourished with very less inequality), Modi, Manohar Parrikar, Smriti Irani, Sushma Swaraj, Subramanian Swamy, Shashi Tharoor (at-least how much I know of) and there might be more that I am not totally aware of.

The list is not for you to make photos of and start praying to. It is just a start. ENCOURAGE THEM. SHOW SUPPORT. FIGHT FOR THEM (in turn you fight for yourself). I did not forget Kalam sir. But he was not politically inclined and his political counterpart would be Manik Sarkar.

Some things I am skeptical about –

  1. Modi tries to control more than he probably should. It may not help.
  2. He is keeping quiet on accuses made against him. Maybe we want him to talk. I personally like his attitude of keeping quiet and doing work which is more important.
  3. Arun Jaitley as the finance guy. He has a strong head and is not very open to suggestions from other guys (example Mr. Swamy).
  4. I don’t like the democratic system we live in. It is NOT Modi’s fault if the rich get the big share of all the money. It is the system’s design. He can not single handedly fight the rich. In the current political sphere, they are above even him. If he fights them in policies and reforms, the next government will be different. That is bound to happen. I don’t know of a solution here.
  5. I don’t like the route Modi is taking – The Chinese route to make India a manufacturing power house. It is something I hate very much. Pollution being one of the reasons. But we as a nation want money. We keep GDP has our primary parameter to measure government, which is miserable, but that is the dire state we are in.
  6. This intolerance nonsense – India has been as intolerant/tolerant as it has always been. Due to drastic increase in media consumption, media playing the same thing 24 hours a day and more connected souls, we feel like there is a black cloud forming over us. I agree with the roads being intolerant to our vehicles. We should bring in a review system where a government app should take votes, of the work done, from the people using the services. It is not this simple though.

Let us be patient. It took one guy close to two decades to make a very dry state to a good looking one. It will take at least 10 years to see dramatic changes within the nation. I trust his abilities. Discouraging will only slow down the process.

Finally, Constructive criticism is required, but it should be constructive!

(The urgent need to motivate everyone to support good leaders led my to write this post, though in haste thanks to assignments and exams. Please ignore politically wrong statements. With due respect, there might be Dr., Mr. and full names missing.)



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