The fear of imperfection – Atelophobia, is an epidemic our society currently faces.

Cosmetic industry has sky rocketed – plump lips, “perfect” teeth, “thick” eye lashes, “sharp” features, “better” breasts, “great” abs, “sexier” ass. The way we look is defined by the calendar models. There are so many women in this world who wake up every morning hoping the mirror showed them the society’s “perfect woman”. The way we talk, the way we walk, our posture, everything about us needs to be perfect. Imperfection is intolerable! The only imperfection that most of us like is the dimple.

Anything less than the porn industry’s definition of sex is unsatisfactory. The skin tone we want is the one we don’t have. The white want tan and the tanned want whiteners. India alone is home to a $450 million fairness cream industry!

Thanks to marketing, companies and individuals have been successful in narrating what “images” should run in our minds when we think of very adjective, noun and word.

Apples, oranges, cucumbers, tomatoes – now even food cannot be imperfect. Perfect shape, saturated color and now the natural fruit’s taste is referenced to the taste of “natural” fruit flavor.

How to change our perspective to love imperfection? – Do you see a wormhole in the fruit? Buy it. The worms have mastered the ability to choose the best tasting fruits. They have done the tasting and have labelled the fruit (with the hole) for you, just like the wine tasters.

You see a woman whose character you like but doesn’t look like the girl in your imagination? Does the image in your head consist of actresses in movies, your friends’ girlfriends, the girls in the ad and so on? Yes? That means the image in your head is the result of someone else’s narration. Have you observed children discriminating based on imperfections? We have to learn from them.
For me it’s more beautiful to date a girl who has one ear than a girl who has two but can never listen to you.

Perfection is a myth. It has been unconsciously put into your head by others. It can neither be measured nor attained.


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