Ideological filter – Religion

Update – Was talking to a friend and figured I did clarify some points.

  1. This is also another opinion. It’s not mathematically factual information. So it is as biased as any other bias at the core of it.
  2. The aim is not to remove religion (about which I have no knowledge or opinion about). The aim is to stop observing every event religiously. Some need the religion bias but when we use it for all our situations, it’s making war not love. I also recognize that we ALL have bias that’s built up over our lives. Trying to consciously reduce the  dimensions of our bias is a good goal is pursue (which again is my opinion).

Lets fight over who’s ideology is better because to solve all other problems we need to be united.

In this article I want to write not about religion but about how we are using this imaginary idea to create physical lines.


The “best” religion is the one I was born into. When someone speaks ill about my religion, I tell them they know nothing about the religion. But my hypocrite self, would speak ill of other religions. English language tells me “best” is a comparative word, so I compare and I judge my religion is the “best”. How many religious people out there think their religion is the best and the only true one? What if you were born into another religion? Which one would be the best then?

In the name of freedom and right, have taken our religion out from the prayer rooms into our public spaces, educational institutions, relationships, political systems, food, clothing and even our decision making bias. If you see Hindu problems, if you share Hindu issues, if you talk Hindu ideology, if you see the world as Hindu and non-Hindu, what are you expecting from a Muslim or a Christian?

Example – Recently there was a case – The mother chose to pray over taking a class photo. I am not taking the case in it’s entirety (which is wrong and I agree to that). If she chose for her children and then asks for 10.000 euro compensation because her children missed the photoshoot, then is it or isn’t it looking at the problem with a religious filter? Maybe the school was also guilty and they planned to discriminate which I definitely don’t know. My point is not who is right or wrong but how adding another dimension (religion) to our problems will result in more rather than less problems. Now the school has to also consider every event keeping the 50 odd students’ religious practice also in mind.

Another example – It was a Hindu festival. The garbage collector asked a lady in my neighbourhood for a small tip so that he could celebrate his festival with new clothes. The lady told him that she would not given him a penny for a non-Christian festival. I was standing there realising why every perspective seems right when zoomed in and wrong when zoomed out.

The only core values that belong to you are part of your genetic memory. For me, it is my dark chocolate color, my horribly small brains and so on. Every other core value or ideology that you hold so dear is a reflection of your environment (the place, the people, etc).

I strongly believe in not giving answers because I write for myself and everyone who reads, to think. But I think questioning authority helps; authority in this case is our religious guidelines (books, parents, etc). Question everything. EVERYTHING. Getting answers is not the point. Creating the habit of questioning is the start. And the next step is to understand that there is no “best” just like there is no “best” between white and black men (ofcourse brown men are the best). So stop comparing. The ultimate step is to keep the religious viewpoint only for your inner self.

I am atheist and I have small brains. So my perspective is limited. My point is not that atheists are better but that we have to remove this dimension out of our problems and join hands in saving our own species from catastrophic issues or to work towards UN’s goals.

A friend of mine once told me getting rid of religion is not a solution but will lead to another problem. That’s true (I also believe that religion has a lot of good ethics/moral to keep).

But progress is jumping from one problem to another right? So let’s progress.


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