short sIght

As a tech junkie wanting to buy a phone, I was in a quandary.  I wanted the best specification at the lowest price possible!The best processor, highest ram, the best DAC, latest OS with the shortest update cycle, the app and accessory ecosystem. I even checked reviews comparing the voice assistants! I was sure I wanted atleast 64gb memory space to store all my photos and songs. Nothing but the best camera would do because with my yearly gross salary I can afford to travel the world and make memories of every place I go to.  Also in 1 year my phone would be obsolete. I thought of every single aspect of the phone and decided to sign up for the yearly upgrade plan. Now I have the best phone every year. I even added the ultimate protection case and plan to protect my phone from any mishap.

But not once did I ask how socially responsible these companies are. Where do they source their components from?


Many of us are aware of climate change because the media is taking notice. But mining and mining practices is still a well-kept secret. The condition of those miners, the civil wars that enslave them, the chemicals, the dust, malnutrition and every other disease that’s part of them just because they were born in the wrong place at the wrong time.


The war for minerals is an underground “world” war!

How many of us wear jeans? (Duh!) But how many of us know how jeans are made? Who is getting their hands and lungs dirty while making each pair and what are the living conditions of the laborers involved? What environmental impact these clothes have?

Our “use and throw” commodities have become valuable. While the people who make it have become “use and throw” commodities.

Why should I care? This question is the root cause of our ‘short sighted-ness’. We ignore what does not immediately affect us. We want a joyful place around us but are not willing to let go of anything to bring about that change.

My thoughts – We just need the will to change. We need to better understand the money flow, the product development cycle, it’s effects, the consequences of using it and our willingness to put responsibility above freedom, sustainability above costs. I am not saying expensive clothes are always better but certainly cheaper clothes have missed out on fair trade.

Get and spread awareness. The human empathy is strong. It’s just that most of us are not aware of these consequences.

It is important to use our buying and voting power to persuade institutions to change their habits and become socially more responsible. For that we might end up loosing some money but when everyone around us are happier, we automatically have lesser war, lesser robbery and lesser insecurity.

Let’s stop fighting for God and start fighting for God’s creation. May the revolution begin.

I will write in the following article about how we can change and how that inner change will change everything around us.


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